Time Cost Checklist for Photographers (Free Download)


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Taking photos is fun, right?  Getting paid for it is even better!  Right?

As a courtesy to the photography community and for those who need some additional guidance, I created this Time Cost Checklist for the photography business owner.  It is meant to assist the photographer in analyzing the TIME costs associated with running their photography business.  It is meant to companion our helpful and well established The Only Pricing Guide You Will Ever Need to assist you determine how much TIME you spend conducting your session.

…and we aren’t talking just the fun stuff…taking photos.  That only takes a couple of hours (as you already know).

In a service based service like photography your time costs of operating your business can vary from another photographers.  Anyone starting a photography business should equip themselves with the tools to succeed and that means having a firm grasp on your time usage.

All business owners want to create a business that gives them the freedom to do what they want in life.  That’s what success means to most business owners.   It also means producing a profitable product that will sustain your business (and you!) for years.  As a by product it also helps your fellow photographers by supporting the industry as a whole.  How?  By raising the standards in which the service is provided. This is NOT achieved by undercutting practices.  Face it: there will always be someone cheaper than you and that’s a business model doesn’t make sense.

Feel free to share this link with any friends that need some guidance as well.  This complimentary PDF document is made available with the understanding that, by downloading and using this you honor this intellectual property.  If you share or copy it to your blog do so with accreditation to this site (www.seethelightworkshop.com) and myself, Marianne Drenthe (www.marmaladephotography.com)

This file will save as TimeCostChecklist.pdf in the area where you save downloads on your computer.



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