Marmalade Colour & More Action Set


This is the go to action set* for the photographer who likes to experiment with their imagery.  This creative action set allows you to highlight your arty style with fantastic colors (without getting out of gamut!) and black & whites (without blowing highlights or muddying up the shadows).
I created these actions for my work in response to my own creative needs and I think you’ll find the range of possibilities for your  work to be endless.   You can create your own custom look by mixing up the 20+ actions you get with this amazing set or use them straight out of the box for incredible effects.
We’ve included examples of some of our own “recipes” for you to check out the possibilities!  We’ve also showcased some of the color effects from using the actions on their own.  This set is so unbelievably versatile-you may never need to purchase another action set ever.  For reals!


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  1. Gerald S.

    “Amazing action set. I especially love the color depth with Softer Than Nuke Color and I really like the way my images printed.” 5/2011

  2. Jill B. D.

    “Warm Sunshine is terrific. I like the Secret Recipe XP too. Silver Luminosity is extra awesome. Oh heck this whole set roxx!” 7/2011

  3. Kelly T.

    “I really like using these. I have spent far more money on less useful actions. Thank you for your work and bringing these to photographers.” 4/2012

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