Action Set Challenge

I’m sorting through old images on my hard drive…

…(I’m actually in search of one specific one but having a hard time, despite my fairly well organized hard drive structure things do disappear from time to time!) and came across a cute image of my oldest daughter.  She’s about 8 or 9 and this was taken while we were on vacation in the Orlando area.  I didn’t love the color on her skin SOOC (that’s straight out of the camera in case you were wondering).  So I tinkered.   Less than 3 minutes later I created this image.

The contrast is pretty strong going into this image, any time you shoot in mid day sun (or even later morning) you’ll have a bit more color pop and contrast.  I wanted to maintain that look because it is part of my memory of shooting here in this area.  I like how it turned out!

Colour and More Action fixed

Oops and I forgot a quick run of the WARM ME UP action found in the Colour and More set!

Pre Colour and More Action