Welcome to the See the Light Workshop Shop!

Hi, my name is Marianne Drenthe and I run Marmalade Photography out of the Chicago area.  I’ve been photographing children and families since 2005 and have been collecting some of my favorite techniques in order to offer them to the photography community.  Finally the time has come and  I want to take this time to welcome you to our new shop.  We’ve been hard at work creating uniquely beautiful actions, presets and textures and hope to continue to offer our acclaimed workshop and mentorship sessions for years to come.

Chicago Children's Photographer

Here, at our new shop, you will be able to purchase our offerings and catch up on what’s new in our world from time to time.  I hope you enjoy our new site, make sure you stop by the freebie section and try out our beloved free action and texture sets.  Soon we hope to add even more options for the discriminating photographer to the See the Light Shop – please check in often!