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It is Marmalade Photography’s goal to provide the highest level of service to our clients and that includes photographers!!

We extend to you a big hearty welcome and encourage you to explore our photographer resource site here: actions, opportunities to be mentored and all sorts of other goodies are created just for YOU, the creative photographer.  Please take this opportunity to check out all our offerings and know that Marmalade Photography has the experience, the knowledge and the heart to set you on the right path.



Since 2005 Marianne Drenthe of Marmalade Photography has produced exquisite images for countless clients throughout the Midwest.  Marianne has also spent numerous hours helping dozens of children’s photographers in her photography workshops, photography mentoring program, through the phone consultation program and in our newest offering: Web Ex online mentoring.

Marianne is also a respected industry leader and has authored a number of how to articles for Professional Photographer Magazine.  Her work has appeared in both major trade magazines: Rangefinder (cover, August 2011) and Professional Photographer Magazine (feature May 2012).